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i’ve never been “fired” but have been escorted out of the building..#truestory

The Five Dumbest Ways People Have Been Fired Just Hours After Starting a Job

Every once in a while, you get the sense a new coworker won’t be around long. Which usually means they’ll wash out in a few weeks or months.

Here are five stories about the STUPIDEST ways people have been fired from jobs within a few HOURS of starting …

1. “A new guy started at 8:00 A.M. and asked another employee if he could buy some meth. So the employee jokingly told him the BOSS deals meth for extra cash. The new guy asked the boss for meth … and was fired by 10:00 A.M.”

2. “My roommate left for his new job at a burrito place. He was home less than an hour later … turns out he’d gotten his start date wrong and was two days late. So when he got there, he found out he’d been fired.”

3. “I worked for a major computer company. A new service tech was hired, logged in on his first day, pulled out a portable hard drive, plugged it in, and started copying everything he had access to. Security escorted him out within three hours.”

4. “I worked at Arby’s. A new girl started, we trained her on the register, and after she handled a few customers she went out for a smoke break … and never came back. Turns out she’d stolen $100 from the register.”

5. “I used to work at the Henry Ford Museum. A new night security guard started and within two hours, I found him drunk, sitting in the car that REAGAN got shot in.” (Reddit)

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