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i tumblr’d tweeted and facebooked this…thats 3 of the many ways…

People in Their 20s Switch Between Different Types of Media 27 Times an Hour:

According to a new study by Time Warner, people in their 20s go back and forth between different types of media 27 times an hour.  That’s once every two minutes and 13 seconds.      

—In other words, young people only spend about two minutes on any one type of entertainment.  

—Examples of using different types of media in short bursts includes Tweeting while watching a TV show, going online during commercials, or multitasking by using two devices at once, like a computer and a cell phone.

—Older people do it too, but not quite as frequently.  They switch media 17 times an hour, or once every three minutes and 32 seconds.  

—Not surprisingly, advertisers are using the information to find new ways to get us to watch ads.  (Gawker)

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