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wahoooo!!!..yea im excited..what about it?!?!

"Dumb & Dumber" is Getting a Sequel … With Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels!  

Last week, WILL FERRELL announced there would be an “Anchorman” sequel.  And now we have this … 

—There’s going to be a proper “Dumb & Dumber” sequel … starring JIM CARREY and JEFF DANIELS as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne.

—PETER FARRELLY … who wrote and directed the original with his brother BOBBY … made the announcement during media interviews for their upcoming “Three Stooges” movie.

—He said, quote, “We’re getting set to shoot ‘Dumb & Dumber 2’ in September.  It’s the first sequel we’ve ever done and we’ve got Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels back.”

—Technically, this will be the THIRD movie in the series.  In 2003, there was a prequel called “Dumb & Dumberer:  When Harry Met Lloyd”, which was about the characters’ high school exploits.

—Obviously, Carrey and Daniels weren’t involved … nor were the Farrellys.  Peter said, quote, “We did not do ‘Dumb and Dumberer’.  That was a studio thing.”

—It turns out Jeff Daniels and the Farrellys always wanted to do a sequel, but it took a while for Carrey to come around to the idea … and to have the time in his schedule. 

—Peter says, quote, “He called and said, ‘We’ve got to do this thing again.’  He had just watched ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and he said, ‘This is the perfect sequel.  Let’s do it.’”

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