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You can tell a lot about a man’s personality just by paying attention to his sense of style. Here’s what his fashion sense says about him:

The Designer Guy: He wears an expensive watch, designer shoes, and tailored suits. He’s never messy and his hair is always in place. If you date this guy, expect to be wined and dined and swept off your feet. Just be careful. Sometimes guys that are obsessive about how they look on the outside are a little too self-centered to be doting and appreciative boyfriends. He might only be looking for some arm candy, so get to know him before falling head over heels.

The Messy Guy: He’s wearing a beanie in the summer because his hair is likely a mess. His jeans are frayed or ripped, and his T-shirt is thoroughly worn in, but obviously well-loved. He is effortlessly sexy in his disheveled state. This guy is most likely passionate and probably artistic or creative in some way. A date with him might be having beers at a low key bar and listening to a local band that he knows a few members of. He is a great conversationalist and dating him will be really fun. However, he might be the kind of guy that makes you feel bad because your iPod has current music on it and the last book you read was 50 Shades of Grey.

The Jock: He is most comfortable in sneakers, a T-shirt and, of course, a baseball cap. He loves sports – he loves to play, watch, tailgate and talk sports. If you love sports, this might be the perfect guy for you. But if you don’t – you have to be willing to either put up with it or spend lots of weekends apart, especially during football season.

The Trendy Guy: He looks like he just walked out of the mall and he is wearing the hottest trends and pulling it off flawlessly. This guy can charm the pants off you …. and he knows it. He knows exactly how to portray himself to whomever he is talking to, so it can be hard to figure out who he really is. This guy could make you fall for him, but never actually fall for you back so you need to be careful!

The Regular Guy: He dresses nice, but not flashy. When you see him you don’t notice his clothes but you notice that he looks good. He is the most well-balanced of all the styles. He might not be the most exciting or passionate, but he is the most reliable and stable. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, this is the guy for you. (College Candy)

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Restaurant Workers on the Five Dumbest Customers Ever

If you’ve ever worked at a restaurant for more than four minutes, you’ve encountered a DUMB CUSTOMER. And that means it’s going to take some EPIC dumbness to make the list of the DUMBEST customers.

Restaurant workers have been sharing their stories online about the dumbest customers they’ve ever had. Here are the top five …

1. “I had a woman at a fast food restaurant ask me to clarify whether ‘fat free’ means there’s no fat, or she doesn’t have to pay for the fat.”

2. “When I recommended our artisan pizzas to a woman, she yelled at me that she can’t have pizza because she has an allergy. I asked what kind of allergy, so we could work around it … she said she’s ‘allergic to crunchy.’”

3. “A guy argued with me for five minutes that we were a doctor’s office and not a pizzeria.”

4. “I worked at Arby’s. A guy asked our cashier what mozzarella sticks are. The cashier said they’re like cheese sticks. The guy asked what kind of cheese … and the cashier said, ‘Um, Swiss I think.’”

5. “I worked at a nice restaurant and our pork chops came with polenta. A guy asked me what it was and I explained it’s made from cornmeal. He said, ‘I thought polenta is what comes out after the baby is born’ … and ordered something else.” (Jezebel)

The Top 12 Ways Waiters and Waitresses Handle Rude Customers … Including Messing With Their Food

If you’re ever RUDE to your waiters and waitresses, maybe this will change your mind … there’s about a one in 16 chance they’ll SPIT in your food.

A new survey of 430 food servers, hosts, and bartenders asked them how they handle bad customers. Here are the top 12 answers …

1. Making fun of customers behind their backs, 79%.
2. Lying, 78%.
3. Purposely making them wait longer for their order, 65%.
4. Ignoring them, 61%.
5. Being rude right back to them, 52%.
6. Arguing, 43%.
7. Refusing a perfectly reasonable request, 25%.
8. Confronting them about tips, 19%.
9. Insulting them, 14%.
10. Increasing their tip without permission, 11%.
11. Doing something gross to their food, 6%.
12. Threatening them, 5%. (Science Daily)

A High School Principal Cancelled the Homecoming Dance … Because Kids Won’t Stop Twerking

If today’s kids REALLY wanted to be rebellious, they would all dress nicely and not have sex with each other. But that memo hasn’t made it to Vermont yet.

Sue Maguire is the principal at Mount Anthony Union High School in Bennington, Vermont. And she just CANCELLED the school’s homecoming dance and ALL future dances … until the kids stop TWERKING.

She says, quote, “Over the past couple of years, since Miley Cyrus took the stage ‘twerking’ at the ‘MTV Video Music Awards’, our students’ dancing behavior has crossed the line of what we can condone as appropriate behavior.

"Twerking is dancing in a sexually provocative manner … students do not face one another or remain with the same person for the length of the song."

And she says it doesn’t work to stop kids from dancing that way at each dance … there are 400 or 500 of them, and it’s too hard to get in the middle of things and monitor every student.

So dances COULD come back one day … but only after all the students agree to dance more respectfully and appropriately. (Gawker / Bennington Banner)

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